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Honorary Membership

Article II of the MSFDA By-Laws - Members

Section 2.1.4 Honorary Life. A member who has served not less than 20 years as an active firefighter in one or more of the fire departments in the State of Minnesota, provided that said department or departments hold membership in this Association.

a) Applications for Honorary Life Membership will be received and acted upon at the conference provided they have been filed with the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the first day of the conference.
b) Persons elected to Honorary Life Membership shall be notified of such elections and be provided with a suitable certificate of membership by the Secretary. They shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges accorded all members and entitled to a vote provided they are registered delegates to the conference.
Security Team Member
Memorial Candle

Honorary Life and Memorial Form

If you have had a member or retired member pass away since the last conference, we would like to honor them.  Please send in their name, years of service and a picture so we can include them in our Memorial Service.  Another way in which we recognize our members is with “Honorary Life Membership”.  If you or other firefighters on your department have served 20 years as an active firefighter on one (or more) of the fire departments in Minnesota who are members of the MSFDA, please submit their names to the MSFDA.

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