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Five Stages of Effective Recruitment. Part 3

In part one, we discussed the need to look inside your fire station to see how it looks from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about the fire service. Don't assume you portray a positive image. Instead, ask others to help you. In part two of this series, we discussed tools to attract people to your mission. The days of placing a sign out in the yard and expecting a line of applicants are long gone. Today, your recruitment efforts need to be strategic and coordinated. First, you have to identify the type of employee you are looking for and then start marketing for them. Today's leading marketing tool is social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Most people have a handheld device in their hand when looking for information, entertainment, and opportunity. With paid ads, you can show people how to become a local firefighter instantly.


Once you have cleaned up your house and put a good marketing plan into place, it is time to start talking about the selection process. During this phase, you will consider what your best candidate would look like and how you will compare them against other candidates. For example, is