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Five Stages to an Effective Recruitment Program. - Part 2

In part one of this series, we discussed the need to ensure your department had a culture that welcomed all walks of life into your fire stations. The generations coming into the fire service have experienced considerable change in their lifetime that formed their views on the world. Consider how much change has occurred in the past five years alone. Terrorism, active shooters, two economic downturns, and a global call for equality are in their making. If everything stays the same within your organization because "that is how we have always done it," they will not fit in well. Look at your fire department from an outsider's view and consider if it is a place of professionalism, fairness, and openness to all genders, races, and ideals. Is your department prepared for the next generations, who expect quality leadership and an inclusive environment?

Our past practices must change to effectively attract the next group of firefighters to join your team. Before posting an announcement, you should determine your area's demographics (statistical data related to your population). By doing so, you can learn a lot about who lives in your neighborhoods. You can find information about your community by simply searching online. Type in your community's name and the word "demographics." You will see data about your neighborhood, such as the population, median age, median property value, ethnicity, and more. You can use this data to market groups by finding their information in familiar ways. Fo