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Go Against the Traffic

Sometimes while en route to an emergency scene you learn the incident is on the other side of the median. Knowing it is difficult to make a U-turn with a fire engine, you decide to go against traffic, meaning drive in the wrong lane. That decision is dangerous and could create further harm if not done correctly. Doing so, however, could save valuable time in mitigating the incident. And even save a life.

The same concept to recruiting new firefighters may apply. You have been down the same lane repeatedly, but the streets look empty. No one is coming to the door to join your team. Well, if the current practices are not working, it is time to GO AGAINST THE TRAFFIC. It is time to do something new to generate excitement and wonder in your community. It may even be time to change your policies as it relates to participation.

Use these simple tips to help you move in the wrong lane safely.

1. Build a plan-

a. Attracting people to your purpose and mission requires an effort. Someone representing your organization should be focusing on recruitment and retention every day. Take small steps to define a plan to improve what you are doing now. Write it out.

2. Use Digital Marketing –

a. The world is using smartphones and tablets to get their information from the world wide web. If you are not visible on the web, it is likely no one knows who you are. Find someone within your organization who loves to be online that can make an impact on your social presence.

3. Create Information Sessions-