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When interviewing candidates to join your team, state and federal laws prohibit you from asking questions that could force the candidate from disclosing certain personal information. The interview questions you ask should be based on the duties, skills, and ability you need from a new employee to work as a firefighter. Your hiring process should allow an equal opportunity for all who want to become a firefighter. The link below connects you to a list of "do not ask" questions provided by the Minnesota League of Cities (MLC), which offers insurance to most townships and cities in the State of Minnesota.

When preparing your interview questions, it would be wise to have your local attorney, or HR staff, look them over to ensure they reflect a fair and equal process. Make sure they tie into the duties of a firefighter, the character and skill you may be looking for, and pertinent information that will be a good fit for your organization.

Conducting interviews requires a plan to help you determine who is the best candidate for your team and ensure you follow the rules of current employment law. Asking the wrong questions can insult your candidate and subject you to embarrassing and costly litigation.


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